North Harrow Townswomen Guild

It was 1928; at last women had won the right to vote...
The Suffragettes who had battled so vigorously for this right had grabbed enough headlines to mark themselves down in the history books.

Chaining themselves to railings, going on hunger strikes - these women were determined to draw attention to the campaign for full voting rights for women.

But alongside them, there were many other women fighting for the vote in quieter, constitutional ways - these were the Suffragists.

With a new found freedom, these women led by Eva Hubback and Margery Corbett Ashby saw the need to create an organisation aimed at ordinary women living in the nation's towns and cities; an idea that led to the Townswomen's Guilds movement.

Today, Townswomen's Guilds remains one of Britain's leading women's groups.

The organisation prides itself in the involvement with radical local, national and global concerns.

Members meet regularly to develop new skills, exchange ideas, discuss topical issues and organise charitable events nationwide.

More importantly, Townswomen's Guilds provides the opportunity for women everywhere to belong to an organisation within which members offer support, companionship and encouragement for women to honour their past and realise their future.

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